torsdag 23 september 2010

Shrink Volumes & Auto-Grow

A new feature in DPM2010 is the Shrink Volume feature that will verify the possibility of shrinking an allocated volume in DPM’s disk pool.

In DPM2007 the disk allocation was an issue regarding administrators allocated to much disk space from the disk pool. This resulted in very many holes never to be used in DPM’s disk pool.
With the ability of shrinking a volume to a correct size and activating auto-grow, a new feature that gives the administrator a more relaxed word day, the DPM administrator has more time over for administration tasks instead of allocating more disk space to different volumes in DPM’s disk pool.

To activate auto-grow you mark the checkbox in the Review Disk Allocation window when you create a new Protection Group.

If you have upgraded your DPM server from 2007 to 2010 you can afterwards activate the auto-grow function. Right click on the Protection Group, choose Modify Disk Allocation… and check the box Automatically grow the volumes .

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  1. when should be available the shrinking of a Replica Volume? thanks