fredag 5 november 2010

Can't delete Recovery Points Error ID: 32008 and 31224

This week I got a problem regarding a SharePoint solution. I couldn’t create a recovery point and I couldn’t get the DPM server GUI to remove the SharePoint Recovery Points. I got the error 32008 and 31224 .

To resolve this problem I needed to identify the Recovery Points associated with the SharePoint farm and delete those with the DPM PowerShell.

I got a list of all data sources on the DPM server
$ds = Get-Datasource –DPMServerName [dpmservername]

Identify the data source that you want to protect in the list. Using $ds returns a zero-based array. So if the data source you want is the sixth one in the list, you would use $ds[5] to identify it in the next step.

Get all the recovery points associated with the data source.
$rp = Get-RecoveryPoint $ds[5]

Select a recovery point that was taken when the data source was in the first protection group (for example, $rp[2]). Remove the recovery point.

Remove-RecoveryPoint $rp[2]

Repeat the last two steps until you have removed all recovery points associated with the data source when it was in the first protection group.

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