måndag 18 oktober 2010

Manually Install DPM Agents

If you want to install a DPM agent manually on a domain server do this:

  1. Share the RA catalouge under the %systemdrive%:\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\ProtectionAgents

  2. From the server, run from START //dpmservername/RA

  3. Right click the DPMAgentInstaller_x86 or DPMAgentInstaller_x64 depending in the version on the operating system and choose run as administrator

  4. After the installation is finished open a command prompt in an elevated mode

  5. Go to %systemdrive%\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin

  6. Run the SetDpmServer.exe executable with the switch -DpmServerName

  7. On the DPM server attatch the agent in the console using the installation wizard or the PowerShell command Attach-ProductionServer.ps1

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