fredag 24 december 2010


One thing that I think is missing in DPM is the ability to use the de-duplication functions that other backup software uses. For those who aren’t familiar with the terminology there are two similar definitions for the de-duplication:

  1. Backup only one instance of a file. If 500 users read and save a monthly report only one instance will be backup and therefor use the disk-pool more sufficient.
  2. The ability to copy information between two storage-pools.
The definition I write about is the first. Yes, Microsoft has this function and it’s called SIS and stands for Single Instance Storage.

This is a great feature but you will only use this by default on your exchange databases. Regarding your file servers you will still backup every single file that is the same if you don’t have the Storeage Server installed that has the SIS function built-in.

But there’s hope if you got large file servers that isn't Windows Storage Server. Microsoft will (I’m hopeful) make the SIS function work on a standard server operating system. But until then there is the possibility to use a third party software that’s called BitWackr from the company Exar

Look at this You Tube clip for more information:

I do want to emphasize my point that Microsoft uses the SIS component for larger server software but the software from Exar is a nice feature for the DPM storage-pool.

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