torsdag 1 september 2011

DPM 2012 Beta Released

It’s with a great pleasure that the DPM team has released DPM 2012 BETA public; you can download it from here (

The DPM team has really listened to the customer’s wishes and thoughts regarding new features and made a great new version of DPM, DPM2012.

New features announced in DPM 2012 are:

Centralized console: You can monitor a lot of DPM servers or protected members (don’t know if the number is public so you’ll have to wait) within the same console.
The centralized console is based on SCOM so you must have a System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Server Components installation up and running before you can install your centralize console for DPM 2012. You’re also able to install your central console on a W7, Vista or Windows XP SP3 client and manage all your DPM servers. If you are running DPM 2010 you’re also able to monitor those DPM servers within the centralized console during your migration process to DPM20102. One important thing is that you have the KB2465832 installed on your DPM2010 servers.

New UI: The DPM team has made the same UI as the other System Center products, YES!
Certificate Based Protection: You can now backup machines from different domains not trusted to the DPM server, this also includes workgroup machines.

Role Based Access: There are 8 different roles based on the administration take made from the DPM admin side. Your helpdesk staff could be included in one role and your escalation engineers are members in another. You’ll also have the ability to create customized roles.
Tape: Enhancements are made for improved reliability, space optimization and much more…

Sharepoint: You’r now able to restore items without moving the content database.

Hyper-V: Able to perform Item Recovery within a virtual DPM server

DPM DB: You can now host multiple DPM Servers on the same SQL instance

Looking forward to the next Beta release!!

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