fredag 30 september 2011

Running Hyper-V ILR on a virtual DPM2010 server

Many people run DPM 2010 on a virtual operating system and with that comes many advantages that Hyper-V brings. DPM2010 has a feature that will index your VHD files and make it possible to restore flat-files from within a VHD file, also called and refered to as IRL (Item Level Restore).

This won’t work if you run DPM2010 on a virtual server since the ILR is based on the Hyper-V role and you can’t activate the Hyper-V role on an already virtual environment…or?

Of course you can, but it’s important that you know that this isn’t a supported workaround.

Use OCSetup to install the Hyper-V role. It will be installed even if it fails. This is since it can’t access the ED bit or the virtual extensions on the processor. Hyper-V won’t work but DPM 2010 will after a restart be able to perform a ILR on a VHD.

OCSetup Microsoft-Hyper-V

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