fredag 9 december 2011

Error 25 with secondary protection of DPM database

I ran into a problem regarding secondary protection of a DPM database. The setup is a primary DPM server and a secondary DPM server, the secondary DPM server protects the primary DPM servers database DPMDB.

Suddenly the protection failed and new recovery points couldn’t be created. The VSS for SQL was in an error state so I rebooted the primary DPM server and verified the VSS writer, everything was ok. I tried to make a recovery point but the SQL VSS failed immediately.

I looked in the System event log and notices an consistent error with the Virtual Disk Service, error 25 that occurred at the same time as the creation of the recovery point.

After restarting the Virtual Disk and DPM writer services the recovery point could successfully be made for the primary DPM Servers database.

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