fredag 18 maj 2012

Remap the tape drive information

Every occurd that the DPM server suddenly lost track of the tape configuration?

Looking at the Libraries tab you will only see stand-alone tape drives and not your library? Don’t worry, you just need to remap your tape drives and / or library information.

The tape drive and library information resides in a configuration file named DPMLA.xml and it is located under the config folder under your DPM server installation.

There are two ways of getting your library back on track:

  1. Manually create the DPMLA.xml file from the LADriveRemappingTemplate.xml that resides in the config catalogue of the DPM server installation
  2. Use the DPMDriveMapping.exe executable that resides in the bin catalogue of the DPM server installation

The easiest way is to use the DPMDriveMapping.exe executable since it will create a new DPMLA.xml file for you.

  • Open an elevated command prompt
  • Run the DPMDriveMapping.exe from \Bin catalogue
  • Start the DPM console
  • Go to Management and libraries
  • Run a Rescan

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