tisdag 28 februari 2012

Tape management improvements

The purpose of this blog post is really to gather information that I can submit to the DPM product group regarding what improvements YOU would like to see regarding tape management in DPM.

No suggestions are a bad suggestion! Post them.

Please email me your suggestions to robert.hedblom@gmail.com

11 kommentarer:

  1. In the Management/Libraries tab, show the last date a tape was written to.

  2. Enable LTO native encryption, thus also allowing native compression at the same time. Manage the keys in the same way that you manage the certs for software encryption now.

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  4. I am noob with DPM. I am coming from CommVault Tape Backup Software and when a backup job on the tape has expired you don't have to erase the tape. In DPM it looks like you have to manually erase the tape before it can be used again. This is very time consuming. When You put the tape back into the Library it shows up as Expired under the Offsite ready column. If you mark the tape as free it doesn't look like it will overwrite the data that was previously on it.

    This might be something that is by design or that I just don't fully understand, but the ability to reuse a tape without having to erase it. If the jobs are expired it should be able to be reused.

    Enjoy your Blog.

  5. I wish the colocation worked better. I've played with the settings dozens of times, ensured that the retention settings are the same, and I still get way too many tapes written to inefficiently after a weekend run.

    Great Blog. Come to America (Chicago) and teach some seminars! ;-)

    Cheers! Kurt Wolter

    PS - "In the Management/Libraries tab, show the last date a tape was written to." - Another great idea.

  6. Long Term Tape Incremental support!!! Right now, you can only do incremental backups to Tape if it's short Term. We NEED to have the ability to have Long Term Tape Incremental backups! We have a PG that's almost 4TB in size, and only use a single tape drive (no library). We have Ultrium 3 tape drive, and the full backup takes 9 tapes, and almost 3 days for us to back it up. We want to take this offsize, but increment this PG on a monthly basis. RIght now, we have to run the FULL 9 tape backup monthly to do this. Being able to simply add the last tape of the set back in monthly and have the changes to that PG be incrementally written to that tape would be huge for us.

  7. Agree with Steve- Last Data Written Date column showing besides Data Written on the Libraries Tab.

  8. In the Management/Libraries tab show the expire date and possible ranking on this field (if they are multiple expiration on the tape show the laste)

    thanks for your blog

  9. More and more enduser is comparing the tape management against third party. Other third party can manage the tapes as the following within the same protection group:

    - Full Backup 1 set
    - Differencing Backup another set

    The Full Backup in DPM is taking the last Express Full Backup. Sometimes with the long backup time from the Hard Disk to the tape, takes very long time, which may "way pass" the schedule backup time.

    Therefore the backup time will not transfer to the tape during the specific time.

    At this moment the Tape Backup is always taking the last "Express Full Backup" , meaning it's a FULL BACKUP.

    Hopefully the DPM2012 will come out the SP which is going to rectify and resolve the issue once and forall.

  10. Thanks for the opportunity to submit suggestions. Here are my two:

    1) I’d like DPM to email me when a tape is marked “offsite ready.”
    2) I’d like an option for DPM to eject the tape when it is offsite ready.

  11. Eject tape after backup is complete