fredag 23 mars 2012

From 101 to 2, the new licensing form

One of the news regarding the new licensing form is that you can’t buy the license by server technology, this means that you can’t by just the DPM server license.

Instead Microsoft thinks that you should get a better value out of your purchases. Now you got two licensing models or types. The Datacenter license or the little brother Standard license.

There is actually no difference between the types of workloads you can manage with the two different licenses. The only difference is how many Operating System Environments or OSE’s you can manage per license.

In the Datacenter license you can manage an unlimited number of OSE’s; regarding the standard license you can manage only two OSE’s.

For more information regarding the new licensing forms please have a look at this PDF

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  1. Du, jag är MYCKET imponerad! :) Hoppas ni hade det bra i Göteborg!