lördag 16 juni 2012

DPM goes Cloud

During the TechEd event in Orlando Microsoft went public that System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 will be able to back up a production environment to the cloud using Azure technology.

There are some considerations for those of you who are thinking whooohaaa let’s go:
  1. Pricing. Microsoft has not yet set the pricing model for DPM using Azure
  2. You still need a primary DPM sever on site in your datacenter or production environment
  3. This feature will be released with Service Pack 1 (SP1) BETA release if you are up for trying

Many of you maybe also consider security issues for cloud based backup. Since Azure will use a very advanced and sophisticated technique encrypting the data transmitted to Azure you can stay secure.

Neither will the government have access or can claim access to your data placed in the Azure cloud since the only one who has the correct encryption key is you.

Let get cloudy!

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