fredag 17 januari 2014

DAG challenges

I ran into a problem when a customer tried to back up his newly added Exchange mailbox databases. The environment was a primary DPM server backing up a DAG Exchange and a secondary DPM server protecting the DAG offsite.

The customer added some new mailbox databases to the primary DPM server and it worked. When the primary DPM server had synced-up the databases he tried to add the databases to the secondary DPM server and got the error 915.

The operation failed because the data source VSS component 39f96ce3-c40d-4232-8248-2261258e690e is missing.
Check to see that the protected data source is installed properly and the VSS writer service is running.

ID: 915
Details: The operation completed successfully (0x0)

The error occurred since the VSS Writer ID has changed. The VSS prompted in the error dialog was replaced with another VSS Writer ID.

All the configuration regarding your DPM setup is stored in the DPMDB database, this goes also for your VSS Writers ID. The tables that stores that information is tbl_IM_Datasource and tbl_IM_ProtectedObject.

Those tables weren’t updated hence the error.

To solve this you must do this:
· Stop the primary protection of your DAG, choose to retain your data
· Stop the secondary protection of your DAG, choose to retain your data
· Re-protect your DAG on your primary DPM server
· Re-protect your DAG on your secondary DPM server

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