fredag 31 januari 2014

MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) great resources!

As an IT Pro you probably sometime now and then face the facts that you need to look up something for a deeper understanding. The most common dialogue I have with the community is "why is it so hard to find information that is relevant to me".

This blog post may not solve all of your problems but should be considered a possibility to investigate the MVA or Microsoft Virtual Academy that is an online repository with great information regarding the Microsoft product stack. 

What is important when you design your services in your data center is to see the whole package of a service delivery. To be able to understand how the service should be built up and designed you need the knowledge. Microsoft Virtual Academy is a great starting point and from there you are of on an journey exploring the new possibilities that no one has ever considered possible.

Have a look at there e-books

Happy knowledge hunting! 

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