fredag 29 augusti 2014

Longer retention for the Backup Vault, how about 3360 days?

The community has for a while mention that they need more retention time for their Recovery Points that they choose to store in Azure. As the UR3 release for DPM 2012 R2 a month back ago some final changes and optimizations were made from the DPM team to make DPM ready to deliver a fully supported, optimized and efficient Privet Cloud protection. With that came the architecture that was needed from the DPM server side to interact with the new version for the Azure agent, please keep in mind that there is a specific Azure team that develops the Azure services that closely cooperates with the DPM team to provide all great features.

To get this up and running you need to apply the UR 3 for 2012 R2 ( and the new version of the Azure agent ( on your DPM box. Remember when you apply the UR3 you need to reboot your DPM box and your production servers when you choose to update your DPM agents via the console or via SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager).

From a more personal view, I find this update a milestone where the great possibility to partially remove tape from your restore plans or even remove them entirely. There is a very positive feeling regarding the development of the DPM technology and also a great focus of delivering great interactions between systems.

For more information regarding the new retention time in the recovery service the Backup Vault please read this article that Sherees published a few days ago.

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