torsdag 27 november 2014

What can be improved?

I have had some interesting meetings with the Product Group managers at Microsoft regarding the development of Data Protection Manager also known as DPM. I’m very pleased that Microsoft are working very hard to make improvements to the product and that is the reason for me writing this blog post. 

I want to understand the community wishes regarding HOW Microsoft can improve the DPM software from two scenarios:

  1. The on-prem tape story. What do you think Microsoft should improve regarding tape management and features in DPM
  2. SharePoint protection. What do you think Microsoft should improve regarding SharePoint protection, restore and features? What is missing from your point of view.

Just to be clear. I will read all of your email and I will summarize them without changing your words. The information you provide to me will be provided to the product group managers for system center and DPM.

Let Microsoft know what they can imnprove send me an email @

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