onsdag 20 maj 2015

Update Rollup 6

Update Rollup 6 for DPM 2012R2 has been relesed and with that some good fixes! 
This update rollup fix includes:
  • Bugs listed in KB 3030574.
  • Support for using SQL Server 2014 as the DPM database. Support for protecting SQL Server 2012 was introduced in Update 4. Now, in Update 6 you can configure a SQL Server running SQL 2012 as your database. You'll need to install Update 6 and then configure DPM to use SQL Server 2014.
  • If you're backing up DPM to Azure you can now select to keep online backed up data when deleting a protection group. When you delete a protection group you can choose whether to preserve backed up data in Azure or on a local disk. You can always browse the retained data, together with other recovery points, from the server on the Recovery tab.
This update is available through Microsoft Update or by manual download. You can download the package and find installation instructions and information about agent updates in KB 3030574.

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