fredag 19 februari 2016

Error opening the DPM console ID948

Now and then I bump into scenarios where people can’t seem to open their DPM console. DPM throws an error saying “Unable to connect” and with that an error ID that is 948.
This error ID says that a connection can’t be made since the DPM servers database (DPMDB) is no longer within sync.

To solve this error you must get the DPMDB in sync again, this is made via the DPM CMDLET called DPMSYNC.

Open an elevated administrative version of the DPM Management Shell and run the  following command: “DPMSYNC -SYNC”. After a while the command has finished and you are now able to logon to your console again.

You could need to run a “Consistencey Check” on all your protected workloads datasources to get also the protection in sync. 

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