måndag 10 april 2017

Update Rollup 2 for SCDPM 2016

Microsoft has just released Update Rollup 2 for DPM 2016 and with that comes two announcements and seven fixed issues:

Announcing backups of SQL Server 2016 and SharePoint Server 2016

After you install this update, you can seamlessly back up your SQL Server 2016 and SharePoint Server 2016 workloads.

Announcing enhanced security for backups

This update includes the following improvements to security features of Azure Backup. These improvements provide greater resilience and recoverability from adversarial attacks on your important business data.

Retention of deleted backup data
Azure Backup can now be configured to keep, for 14 days from the day of deletion, any backup data that is deleted because of adversarial attacks. This makes it easier to recover your data after an attack.

Minimum retention range
Minimum retention range checks make sure that more than one recovery point is available after an attack.

Azure Portal-based authentication
Azure Backup can now be configured to request Azure Portal-based authentication for important operations that affect backup and recovery of your organization’s data.

Security alerts and notifications
You can set Azure Backup to receive security alerts and notifications when you run important operations that affect your data-protection plan. This lets you keep a close watch on any intrusive operations that are made by unauthorized personnel.

Note To access these features, make sure that your computer or server is registered to an Azure Recovery Services vault.

Issues that are fixed in this update rollup

  • When the length of the file path is long, file names aren't displayed on the Recovery tab
  • Backup of VMs with RCT fails after CCs
  • BMR backups for Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 fail
  • Backups fail with an error stating that the VHD that contains the replica or a snapshot of the replica could not be mounted or unmounted
  • Data Protection Manager crashes while migrating workloads from or to Modern Backup Storage
  • Auto-protection of SQL Server databases is enabled for backups to Azure in addition to disk backups
  • VM backup from the DPM server fails and generates the following error message:
The replica of Microsoft Hyper-V on is not consistent with the protected data source.
DPM has detected changes in file locations or volume configurations of protected objects since the data source was configured for protection. (ID30135)

Download UR2 for DPM 2016 here

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