fredag 22 september 2017

How to disable the timeout value for the MARS agent

DPM and Azure integration via the MARS is a great feature since we can ship production data to an Azure Recovery Services Vault and be able to restore that either via the DPM console or PowerShell.

I noticed that there is a timeout value that could be interesting for the community to take part of. As I mentioned in my earlier blogpost regardingOptimized VS. Unoptimized Online jobs the MARS agent needs to verify the data integrity and all check all the files that resids within Azure and the DPM diskpool. Running an Unoptimized job will take a very long time and in some cases the timeout value of the job will be there canceling the job.

To avoid this you are able to adjust the following registry value:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows Azure Backup\DbgSettings\DisableThreadTimeout REG_DWORD=1

This will disable to timeout for the MARS agent and the online job till finish successfully and you can after that go back to run optimized online jobs

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