tisdag 24 oktober 2017

Migration between MBS disks

Modern Backup Storage, or MBS, doesn’t just provide better performance and resiliency, from UR4 Microsoft made it possible to migrate your VHD files from one ReFS volume to another. This is done per protected datasource but can easily be automated using PowerShell.

This is a feature that the community has longed for a long time so its GREAT (😊) that Microsoft could make that possible!

You can either migrate your DPM storage via GUI or PowerShell. To be able to move the storage you need to associate another volume first to the DPM 2016 UR4 server.

If you want to migrate using PowerShell its done via three simple steps:

1. Make the Protection Group modifiable

2. Get the data source you wish to migrate and the volumes you wish to migrate to

3. Modify the disk allocation for the datasource and save the new Protection Group configuration

$pg = Get-DPMProtectionGroup

$mpg = Get-DPMModifiableProtectionGroup $pg[0]

$ds = Get-DPMDatasource $mpg

$vols = Get-DPMDiskStorage -Volumes

Set-DPMDatasourceDiskAllocation -ProtectionGroup $mpg -Datasource $ds[0] -TargetStorage $vols[0] -MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM

Set-ProtectionGroup $mpg

If you don’t want to use PowerShell you can simply click the data source you want to migrate and from the Data Source Operations part in the DPM console choose Move Disk Storage. You can also right-click the data source and perform the same operations.

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