onsdag 29 juli 2015

Update Rollup 7

Update Rollup 7 has been relesed! With this Update Rollup comes the ability to share Backup Vaults in Azure via the "Add External DPM" feature!

This update rollup fix includes:
  • Bugs listed in KB 3065246.
  • Increased support for DPM backup to Azure. We’ve added:
    • The ability to recover data to any DPM server that's registered in an Azure Backup vault. If two or more servers are registered in a vault and you back up data to Azure then any of those registered DPM servers can recover data from the vault. To use this feature after installing Update 7 you can enable the setting Add External DPM on the Recovery tab in the DPM console. Specify vault credentials. note that credentials are only valid for two days. If they've expired you'll need to download new credentials from the vault. Select the DPM server whose data needs to be recovered, and provide the encryption password. You can close the dialog after the server appears. Then you can recover the data by browsing the recovery points. To return to the local DPM data view click Clear external DPM.
      Note that if you want to use this feature for existing backed up DPM you'll need to wait at least a day to obtain the DPM protection group related metadata for upload to Azure (this occurs for the first time during the nightly job).
  • Support for protection and backup of data on client computers running Windows 10. You back up in the same way you did with client computers running earlier versions of Windows.
This update is available through Microsoft Update or by manual download. You can download the package and find installation instructions and information about agent updates in KB 3065246.

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