torsdag 30 september 2010

Basics Of Backups, my friend BOB =)

Every now and then I’m sitting next to an IT department or another IT person on a company and talk about backup strategies. The scariest part is that 75% of companies and IT personnel don’t do any test restores of the backed-up data. And if the need to restore something else than just flat-files the depend on consultant that will cost the companies a lot of money just down the drain.


A good thing is to do those test restores, set up a restore strategy, train the IT personnel, inform the CEO about the strategy, let the CEO sign the written strategy.
Another part is that many companies use a mixed environment of backup software. This is just begging for trouble. Use a clean strategy, one software. I recommend DPM to the companies I visit or buy my services for creating backup strategies for a simple reason, it works!

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