torsdag 7 oktober 2010


This week I ran into a little trouble regarding one of the DPM’s disk in the diskpool. The ISCSI storage I had connected to the DPM server went faulty and went offline and started to rebuild its RAID now and then, no good...

I needed to migrate the data from one disk to another disk in the diskpool but I had to migrate to protection groups one by one. To do so I did this.

  1. Connect the new disk to the DPM server
  2. Open DPM’s PowerShell console
  3. Extract the Different protection groups on the DPM server to a variable with the following command $pg = Get-ProtectionGroup DPMTestServer
  4. Next I needed to get all the data source for a protection group $ds = Get-Datasource $pg[0]
  5. Then I needed to know what disks was connected to the DPM server $disk = Get-DPMDisk –DPMServerName
  6. Now I had all the information I needed to start my migration using the MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM.PS1 script
    ./MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM.ps1 –DPMServerName –Source $ds –Destination $disk[4]

Note that the old volumes on the old disk must be left active until the retention time has run out. DPM will then automatically unallocated those old volumes. After the script has run successfully DPM will start to write the new data on the new disk.

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