fredag 26 oktober 2012

How to install the Centralized Console for DPM 2012

A new feature that works really well is the centralized console for DPM 2012. This blog post will walk you through the installation of the centralized console and also help you out with the prerequisites for it to work.
To be able to work with the centralized console you must have a SCOM 2012 installation in place. The centralized console will NOT work with SCOM 2007, it must be installed on the actual SCOM server.

The first you must do before you install the centralized console you must prepare the SCOM server or SCOM servers before start the installation. Import the DPM Management Pack that is located on the DPM 2012 media.
If you miss out to import the MP’s you will receive the following error

Start of by importing the MP’s for DPM 2012 in your SCOM 2012 server by clicking the link Required: Import management packs

Choose to import the MP’s from disk

Click on No
Go to the catalogue for the MP’s located in the DPM 2012 media  and choose the MP’s
Click on Install
Click on Yes
MP’s are now being imported
When SCOM has finished importing the DPM 2012 Management Packs you are ready to install the Centralized Console. Go to your SCOM 2012 server and open the DPM 2012 media. Click on DPM Central Console to start the installation.
Check the check box I accept the… and click on OK
Installation starts

On the Welcome Screen click on Next

Choose to install both server-side and client-side components and click on Next
The installation starts

When the Prerequisites Check is finished click on Next
On the Installation Settings click on Next

Choose to use Microsoft Update and click on Next

The installation starts

When the installation is finished click on Close
You will receive an information window regarding SCOM discoveries, click on OK

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