fredag 2 november 2012

Missing cleaning-tape slot on DELL TL2000

I faced a challenge during a DPM implementation when trying to get a DELL TL2000 tape library to work properly using the cleaning media.
The problem I was facing was that the actual slot for the cleaning tape went missing.

To solve this you must add a registry value to the DPM sever. Add a DWORD named RSMCompatMode under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\Agent with the value of 8.
The RSMCompatMode is used to specify several flags for DPM. The following are the flags that are set by this registry value: 

Restart the DPM server after you added the registry key and perform a rescan if the slot doesn’t show up immediately.
I tried different drivers from DELL but the driver bundled in the DELL_TL2000-4000_A09_R318494 works.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you Robert. A rescan didn't help, I had to make a fast inventory, now I see the missing slot and the cleaning tape.


  2. The same with an IBM TS3100. Thank you.