fredag 23 september 2016

VMware Protection

During the last Ignite 2015 Microsoft announced that DPM will be able to backup and most important, be able to do restore of Vmware. Within the UR 11 just released Microsoft kept their promised and provided an agentless solution for the Vmware protection.

All protected virtual servers within the DPM protection will also be able to leverage the cloud integrated long-term protection via an Azure Backup Vault.

In short-terms, DPM will be able to auto-protect new deployed server that is provisioned via vCenter. This is due to the fact that vCenter lets you organize your virtual machines in VM folders.
In the scenario where protected virtual servers are load balanced in the Vmware environment, DPM will keep track and continue to protect those VM’s.

For more information regarding this new feature that Microsoft provided in UR 11 please read the following TechNet article

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