fredag 9 september 2016

Update Rollup 11

This update rollup adds backup and recovery support for VMware server 5.5 and 6.0. Create protection groups, manage policies, and protect and recover VMware VMs with the user interface or new PowerShell cmdlets. This update is available through Microsoft Update or by manual download. UR 11 includes these features:
  • Agentless backup: DPM provides doesn't require an agent on the VMware server. You can use the IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN), and login credentials to authenticate the VMware server with DPM.
  • Cloud-integrated backup: DPM protects workloads to both disk and cloud. DPM's backup and recovery workflow helps you manage long-term retention and offsite backup.
  • Folder-level auto-protection: vCenter lets you organize your VMs in VM folders. DPM detects these folders and enables you to protect VMs at the folder level. Once you have turned on folder-level auto-protection, DPM protects the VMs in that folder and its sub-folders, and any new VMs added to the folder or sub-folders.
  • DPM can recover individual files and folders from a Windows Server VM.

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